• Aneesh Varghese

Why I am switching from WhatsApp to Signal for Encrypted Conversation

Here are the four reasons I am switching from WhatsApp to Signal for Encrypted Conversation:

  1. Facebook plans an encryption backdoor - Facebook owns WhatsApp. Facebook plans an encryption backdoor into WhatsApp for law enforcement. However, it is expected that hackers will abuse such backdoors to steal user information.

  2. Signal offers more privacy controls such as auto-deleting messages - Using the “Disappearing messages” feature available in Signal, any conversation can be configured to delete after a specified interval.

  3. Transparency - Signal, including the protocol, is an open-source, nonprofit project, and the code is available for review.

  4. Storage of Metadata - Signal does not store any metadata. Signal offers more privacy by offering peer-to-peer chats, whereas WhatsApp sends some of the information to their server.








Aneesh Varghese is the Director & Principal Consultant at InfoSec Consulting Ltd a firm specializing in professional information security consulting services.

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